RG: Luxembourg Cup

20 of our gymnasts were competing during the 2nd edition of the "Luxembourg Cup". This international tournament was held in the Sports Complex in Belair from the 1st to the 3rd of November 2013. The competition gathered 300 young girls from 25 different countries. Our gymnasts have achieved very good results considering the overall level of the competition. Note the presence of Anna Bessonova world champion in 2007 and bronze medalist at the Olympics in Athens and in Beijing.

Category B

Year Gymnast Ranking
1997 Maria Burova
2003 Maxi Olinger
2005 Flavie Flamant
2006 Roxi Olinger

Category C

Year Gymnast Ranking
1999 Luana Torres
1999 Shanti Domah
2000 Madalena Fialho
2000 Jordan Mills
2001 Claire Olinger
2001 Fallon Rooney
2001 Lena Dobbins
2002 Jade Cuk
2002 Anna Moscardelli
2002 Luciana Giannini
2003 Telma Ferrara
2003 Lara Silva
2004 Rachel Kremer
2005 Anjali Domah
2005 Lisa Fritz
2006 Almira Blau