RG: National Championships 2015

The 3rd National Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics took place on June 13th, in the sports hall of Luxembourg-Belair. As in the previous editions, four clubs have participated: Ecole de GRS Luxembourg, Rythmo-Cats, Rythmica-Lux and Aurore.

We could see an increasing technical level in comparison to previous years which demonstrates that rhythmic gymnastics develops well in the Grand-Duchy, in a discipline that attracts more and more young gymnasts.

For the second time in a row, the title of National Champion went to Stephanie Floener of the Ecole de GRS. This was her last appearance after the announcement of her retirement. But young talents do follow and the future championships look promising.

You will find below the complete results, and Jenny Zeyen's article in the June 16th edition of the Tageblatt.

Tageblatt (German edition 16.06.2015)

Congratulations to our girls for their good results!



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