RG: National Championships 2014

Aurore organised the 2nd National Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics on Saturday 29th November 2014, in the Sports Hall in Contern. Four clubs were represented: Ecole de GRS Luxembourg, Rythmo-Cats, Rythmica-Lux and Aurore.

Our local champion Maria being retired from competitions, the title went to Stephanie Floener from Ecole de GRS. Stephanie was alone in her category, Rhythmic Gymnastics still being too recent in Luxembourg to be able to present enough gymnasts in the Seniors A class. But the youngest gymnasts are very talented which guarantees beautiful competitions for the near future. This does however not diminish Stephanie's merit; Aurore sends it's congratulations to her.

You will find below the complete results, and Jenny Zeyen's article in the 2nd December edition of the Tageblatt.

Tageblatt (German edition 02.12.2014)

Congratulations to our girls for these good results, and a big thank you to all the volunteers who made this event happen in perfect conditions. "I thank you deeply for your help and for your efforts during these championships. Everything was superb... The sports hall was beautiful. In 32 years of RG, I can proudly say that I have a real super-parent team!!! » (Evgeniya Burova).


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