RG: National Championship 2013

This Saturday, November 16, 2013 were held the 1st National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, where 22 of our gymnasts were able to express their talent in front of a very enthusiastic audience. Three clubs were represented: Ecole de GRS Luxembourg, Rythmo-Cats, and obviously Aurore.

The participants were divided by age groups (Benjamines, Minimes, Espoirs, Juniors and Seniors) and by level according to the difficulties imposed (A, B and C). Younger presented a choreography without apparatus, while older had to compete in two to four disciplines including rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon.

The title of National Champion can only be assigned to a category of Senior gymnast A. In 2013, this award was given to one of our gymnasts, who is a real idol for all our younger: Maria Burova!

You can find the full results below, as well as Jenny Zeyen's article in the November 19 edition of the Tageblatt.

See you next year, this time in Contern. Aurore will be responsible for organising the 2014 edition in collaboration with the FLGym; the organisation of this event being assigned on a rotating basis between the participating clubs.

Huge congratulations to all our girls for these great results, and of course a big thank you to the coaches for their commitment!

(source: FLGym)
(German edition 19.11.2013)