Photo Albums

When clicking on the BEE Secure logo below, you can view an information sheet prepared by BEE Secure on image rights. It gives an introduction to the legal requirements when taking and making use of pictures of individuals, whether they are captured in public places or during various events. The sheet mainly focuses on whether, and under what circumstances, the authorisation of the subject may be required. This is particularly relevant in the context of the activities of the club because we are in charge of minor children.

It is for this reason that only children whose parents have given their permission will see the pictures of their performances published on our web site. The relevant form is available in the Downloads section. However, photos taken during public events making the headlines (e.g. gala Aurore) may be published on the basis of the decision of the Court of Appeal January 6, 2005. Parents can nevertheless still exercise their right to withdraw a photo if they wish to do so.

In such case, or if for any unforeseen reason you find a picture of your child on our pages without your preliminary agreement, please contact the club as soon as possible so that the photo is removed promptly.

Thank you for your understanding.

This document is in a PDF format and requires the software Adobe Reader.